Thomas Bolling Presents

The Special Facilities Pre-Application Review Committee, convened by the Florida Department of Education, determined that the Crescent City Jr-Sr High School has been determined to be a project of critical need. 

The committee shared their decision to move forward with the project to rebuild CCJSHS following a presentation and school site visit on Friday, April 8, 2022 led by Thomas Bolling,Associate Superintendent of Support Services.

 Criteria for the selection of projects is based on the following:

1. The capacity of all existing facilities within the district as determined by the Florida Inventory of School Houses. 

 2. The district's pattern of student growth. 

 3. The district's existing and projected capital outlay full-time equivalent student enrollment. 

 4. The district's existing satisfactory student stations. 

 5. The use of all existing district property and facilities. 

 6. Grade level configurations. 

 7. Any other information that may affect the need for the proposed project.

The next step in the process is to present to the Special Facilities Construction Account Committee which consists of: two representatives of the Department of Education, a representative from the Governor’s office, a representative selected annually by the district school boards, and a representative selected annually by the superintendents. A representative of the department shall chair the committee.

Following that presentation, the committee shall review the requests submitted from the districts, evaluate the ability of the project to relieve critical needs, and rank the requests in priority order. This statewide priority list for special facilities construction shall be submitted to the Legislature in the commissioner’s annual capital outlay legislative budget request at least 45 days prior to the legislative session.

 Today’s decision is the first step in the District’s Revitalization Plan to rebuild nine schools over the next decade.

 Superintendent, Dr. Rick Surrency, shared his excitement today’s events.

 “We are committed to providing the students, staff, and families of Putnam County with safe and modern school facilities. This is the first step in the process to ensure every school in our county is upgraded to meet the standards for students to receive an educational experience that is second to none.”